Services for resellers


We provide our expertise and experience in the power market,

to offer customised services for resellers and a quality customer experience, enabling us to better serve more and more end customers throughout Italy.

We can ensure the complete management of all processes, from customer switching to connection practices and measurement data management.

Our strengths

Direct supply from 100% renewable plants.

Direct supply from 100% renewable plants. It allows a total coverage of the customer portfolio with our production and thus, guarantees us a strong financial solidity.

Trading of Guarantees of Origin (GO) in 11 European countries.

Trading of Guarantees of Origin (GO) in 11 European countries. Thanks to this international presence, we offer very competitive conditions not only for GO, but also for energy.

Corporate PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) advantageous.

Procurement contracts directly from renewable energy producers sets us apart and allows us to make optimal offers.

Energy supply

Integrated Management


Dedicated reporting

Thanks to our team of experts, we are able to guarantee high quality standards, especially in terms of time-to-response and process optimisation, giving all the support a sales company that wants to operate by offering its customers a quality customer experience may need.



  • Fixed price
  • PUN + spread
  • Fixed cost per POD (point of consumption)

*The conditions are adapted to the individual needs of our customers.


Our office

95 Via Leone XIII
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